About Me:

21 | Plural | poly* (polygender, polysexual, polyromantic, polyplatonic, polyalterous, polyattractional, polyamorous) | they/them (also writeable as ᵺ㏟ or ᵺꜽ/ᵺ㏟), one/one's, we/weself, ey/em, AY/YM (can also be written using ꜽ/YM), and xie/hir. They/them is preferred.Also neurodiverse (autism, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, and OCD.)
Depending on who you ask: Unable to safely do HRT due to some of my medical issues.
Can be found on many platforms.
Interested in every single aspect of technology and has created stuff across the entire umbrella of tech.
Also a furry, writer (though bad at dialogue), FiM fan, otherkin, gamer, and otaku. Not a musician at all, but makes soundfonts anyways. Not really much of an artist due to dysgraphia, but the magnum opuses that do exist are based upon mashups done via direct coordinate input despite being bad at math. Also a Unicode geek and Nintendo fan+modder. 3D art is easier to do, though it's predominantly for 3D printing. Also a coder. Loves Linux and Android most, but has experience dealing with tech across the board when fixing devices for IRL acquaintances who ask for help.Is very progressive and is atheist but writes down "Jedi" on forms. Enjoys sci-fi and science in general, barring biology.Hates tense movies/TV/cutscenes. Also is a pacifist.
Intersex: http://stgiga.weebly.com/intersex-backstory.html
DNI if traditionalist, religious fundamentalist, bigoted in any way (anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments in any way also count as bigotry), ableist, sexist, misogynist, transmedicalist, and such.

Enjoy the special BG made back when I was in 8th grade!